• Help reverse the erasure that residential schools were designed for, by remembering the children who attended

  • As a first step we invite you to identify the land you love. The love we share for land is what unites us. So let us know where your special piece of land is

  • How Mutual Learning Can Save Democracy

  • A big part of what makes the Remembering Project tick is community engagement. As a volunteer, you are instrumental in addressing Indigenous issues and confronting Canada's dark legacy of residential schools.

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Democracy faces unprecedented challenges.  The solutions lie in mutual learning between democracies.

Over the past three years, the Canadian International Council and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation of Canada convened hundreds of experts to develop solutions to the challenges liberal, inclusive democracies face.  The Circle for Democratic Solidarity was created to share mutual learning, so that we might draw strength from one another.

Please read our report, published January 2024