Mutual commitment

Thank you for offering to contribute your time to a difficult and important task, the effort to remember the children who attended residential schools. The information you help us assemble will be sent to the survivor committee overseeing the search for missing children.


The Remembering Project is about collective action to acknowledge our collective responsibility that we bear as Canadians for the residential school system.  These schools were established for the purpose of building the nation we have inherited.  We benefit from the country we share, and so it appropriate that we recognized the harm done in the name of our country as well.


The communities most affected by these schools were First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.  They are the ones that have led the effort to seek justice, and they are the ones who must provide oversight for any effort to contribute to the effort to bring justice.


We in the Remembering Project consider a solemn duty to contribute to this effort.  To ensure the action taken is genuinely conducted in a spirit of atonement for the harms done in our name, we ask that volunteers join us in signing this statement of our mutual commitment.


The Remembering Project commits to:


  • Operate in full consultation with First Nations communities, and to be transparent in the feedback we are receiving from them;
  • Ensure we have the consent of the survivor committee for the relevant residential school for any archival research we carry out on the students that attended that school; and
  • Conduct our work in a way that respects the ownership the relevant survivor committee has of the data and the control they have over the process.

By signing this commitment,


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Marc Lemieux
Charlotte Tookenay
Iris Bernheim
Rose Watson
Tom Boland
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