June 15, 2023: Hate Campaigns Have the Freest Run on Twitter

Every year the anti-defamation advocacy group GLAAD publishes a review called the Social Media Safety Index.  In its 2023 report released in June, Twitter was the only platform that became more dangerous relative to the year below – dramatically so.  This was the first review since Elon Musk acquired Twitter and brought with him his ‘free speech fundamentalist’ preferences.  Continue reading

June 2, 2023: Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Law Leads a Global Backlash Against Human Rights

This report by Chatham House surveys eight countries in which hate campaigns have scored victories in legislatures from Brazil to the United States. The most onerous recent legislation may be Uganda’s new law that applies the death penalty for same-sex acts, but the phenomenon is far from limited to any one country or continent.  Continue reading