• Help reverse the erasure that residential schools were designed for, by remembering the children who attended

  • As a first step we invite you to identify the land you love. The love we share for land is what unites us. So let us know where your special piece of land is

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Democracy gets built by engaged citizens like you

Canada can learn much from other democracies. The Network for Democratic Solidarity identifies lessons in two areas, disinformation and reconciliation, and invites citizens to apply them to improve our democracy

Here are a few ways in which you can help:

Are you interested in redressing injustice committed against First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples?

Would you like to help stop the spread of disinformation online?

Find common ground by identifying which piece of land you feel connected to

Provide us with the name and location of a place special to you and in return, we will provide you with information on the First Nations community that has taken care of that same land for centuries.


Share what we are learning about how disinformation is distorting democratic political debate

Share on your social media platforms what we are learning about Online Mobilization

Pick the news item you find most interesting and tag us in your post.


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Residential schools attempted to erase indigenous cultures and traditions, and erased tens of thousands of lives in the process.  We can address the harm through collective action to remember the children who died and honour the communities they came from.

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